Dean Hodson Wedding Videos

We will capture all the sights, sounds and emotions of your wedding day, from the bride’s preparations (if required) and groom’s arrival at the wedding venue, to the best man’s speech and the first dance, much more than any photograph ever can. The completed film will enable you to keep the memories of your family and friends forever as they enjoy and celebrate your wedding day with you.

Our role at your wedding is to record events but never change them. We try to blend in and become part of the crowd. We are never pushy, but like to interact with your friends and family who always have stories to tell and can record these moments for you to watch later.

The film is usually between 40 and 80 minutes long, professionally edited by us and set to music so that you can relive your wedding day again and again.

As no two weddings are ever alike, the film of your wedding day will be totally unique to you. So why not take this opportunity to find out how our imaginative approach to filming can create a wedding video for you to watch again and again. contact us

Our wedding video productions are usually within Sheffield and Chesterfield areas, but we cover other areas in South Yorkshire, Derbyshire and the East Midlands along with Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and North Yorkshire, although if you have requirements for a wedding video anywhere in the UK or Europe please ask for a wedding video quote to see if we can accommodate your wishes.

Filmed in High Definition

We always use a minimum of two manned cameras

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